Authenticity is a journey that never realistically ends.  There is always something to improve, something to do better, and it is by always striving that we benefit with knowledge and experience.  That being said, there are some guidelines that members of the 35th Regiment of Foot, Grenadier Company, need to adhere to.  Some members are in varying states of compliance as they work out their impression and get themselves together.  Below is the ideal to which men and women should strive.
  • Facial hair.  Not popular in the 18th Century and it does not look very good with the uniform, either.  Tame sideburns up to ear-length are acceptable, but beards and mustaches are forbidden.
  • Fittedness.  Your clothes need to fit properly to look right.  This means spatterdashes and gaiters need to fit snugly, breeches should be fitted as well.  Your belts and straps must not be gangly and horrid but close and secure.  Cartridge pouches, haversacks, and canteens should sit well up on the hip, not absurdly bouncing on the buttocks.  We want you to look like a grenadier, not a pack mule.
  • Hair.  Soldiers' hair is a flexible issue, though long is preferred.  Research has shown that many times it was worn short, even an inch in length, for hygenic and practical purposes on campaign.  Soldiers may also wear their hair long in a queue (braid) tucked into their bearskins.  If you do not have hair but wish you did, a wig or even a false queue is a good thing to have.  Be sure to size your hats accordingly.
  • Military courtesies.  When on public display or in a battle reenactment, always observe proper courtesies, especially with the Colours.  This is firstly to present an authentic image, but also to strengthen the impression and a sense of espirit de corps.
  • Under construction.  Refer to the Ladies Committee for now.