he Royal Sussex Regimental Society is dedicated to keeping alive the memory of the 35th Royal Sussex Regiment and the times in which it served.  The Society, by means of living history displays, reenactments, and educational programs, brings the British imperial experience into a more understandable, tactile, and personal view.  Whether portraying the British redcoats who fought for King George III during the American Revolution or Victoria's forces seeking to maintain and expand the Empire throughout the world, the Society will attempt to, as closely as reasonably possible, recreate the life and times of the British soldier, while also bringing relevance to the modern day.  At a time when the United States is deeply embroiled in foreign affairs and military activity, the lessons of the British Empire prove invaluable.  Great Britain has had a lengthy experience, both benevolent and cruel, with every corner of the world.  Its global impact cannot be overstated.  The lessons of the past are the keys to understanding the present.  We can then guide ourselves more wisely into the future.

Unfortunately, we are not able to assist in genealogical services.